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Introducing Your Parakeet to Other Pets

When you bring your parakeet home, you have to realize that at first, he may look like a nice snack to your other pets, such as cats or dogs. Over time, they can become friends, but it’s important that you keep an eye on him and your other pets when they’re in the same room.

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If you want them to become acquainted with each other, then you’ll obviously need to place them in the same room together. At first your dog or cat will be very curious about the new addition, but over time they will get used to each other so they’re no longer a big deal. Initially however, it’s important that you keep your bird’s cage out of reach of the other animals.

Until they have become acquainted with each other, you probably shouldn’t let your bird out of his cage when the dog or cat is around.

You may have dreams of all of your pets playing together freely. Unfortunately, this really isn’t a very practical idea. While they may learn to get along just fine and live under the same roof in perfect harmony, you have to remember that your parakeet is very fragile and he could get hurt very easily. It’s just not a good idea to try to get them to play together.