You Can Have a Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Parakeet

Birds can make wonderful pets and companions. There are many different birds to choose from. One of the most popular is the parakeet.


The parakeet makes a wonderful pet that only requires simple daily care. They take up little space, eat small amounts of food, and don’t require a daily walk outside. They love being around people and often want out of their cages just so they can be closer to you. Some even learn to talk.

They are very mellow and easy to train. Parakeets are known for their manageable size, bright colors and good nature. Parakeets usually live 8-10 years and can live up to 12 to 14 years.

Before you rush out to buy a parakeet, take some time to think about whether or not you are ready for a bird companion. There are a few things for you to consider before you decide if you’re ready for a parakeet.

Do I have enough patience for a bird? Parakeets are social animals and they like attention. You should give him at least ½ an hour of attention a day to keep him happy.

Am I a neat freak? All birds (not just parakeets) can be fairly messy. You’re probably going to have some feathers and bird seed to pick up around the cage.

Can I care for my bird properly? You’re taking the right first step by reading this book. It’s important for you to know all of your parakeet’s needs before you bring him home.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that since you already have a dog, cat or some other pet, that you know how to take care of a bird. Birds have very different needs than other pets. It’s a little more complicated than sticking him in a cage and giving him water and birdseed. Again, you’re taking the right first step by reading this book.

Do I have room in my house for a large bird cage and other ‘bird accessories”? You need to think about where you’re going to place the cage in your house before you walk in the door with it. Be sure to review the chapter on cage placement later in this book.

Do I have the time to give my bird what it needs? In addition to the time you should spend with your bird giving him attention, you should spend some time preparing meals for your parakeet. A proper diet for a healthy parakeet includes fresh vegetables and fruits – not just seeds.

Exactly what type of bird (and how many) do I want? Decide whether you want a female or a male bird. Maybe you would like to have a pair of birds so that you may breed them. It’s easier to think through these kinds of questions now instead of waiting until you’re talking to a breeder.

Am I ready for a long-term commitment? As I said above, it’s not unusual for parakeets to live 12-14 years. Getting a parakeet is a long-term commitment. Please don’t get a parakeet thinking that you’re going to “try it for awhile”. There are already too many birds in rescue and adoption centers.