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Introducing Additional Birds to Your Flock

If this is not your first parakeet, you will want to isolate the new bird from the others for 30 days. Stressful situations, such as traveling to a new home, can exacerbate an illness or make a new bird more susceptible to an illness. Your other parakeets can also catch an illness from the new bird.


It’s easy to transmit an illness from one bird to the others. So, you’ll not only want to put the new bird in a separate cage but also in a separate room. Take care to keep his food dishes away from the other bird’s dishes while cleaning. Also be careful to always wash your hands before and after handling the new bird.

After the initial quarantine period is over, it’s best to let your new parakeet get acquainted with your other birds from separate cages. Place the cages next to each other for a few days. Once they’ve gotten used to each other, you can place your new parakeet in your other bird’s cage.

You should continue to keep an eye on your birds after they’ve been moved into the same cage. It’s possible for a dominant parakeet to keep others from getting food and water, so you may need to add additional food and water bowls.