Traveling With Your Parakeet

Most parakeets would prefer to stay in their safe well known environment. Not only is it easier for them but also it will help prevent sudden escapes. Never take a parakeet with unclipped wings outside unless he is in a secure cage.

Simon Perch

If you must take your parakeet to the vet, it is best to place him in a dark box with holes for air. You might also use a plastic dog or cat carrier. It is best to avoid taking your bird with you on trips. Having them away from their cage, food, and water for more than an hour at a time is not a good idea. If you must be away from your home, it is best to find someone to look out for your bird while you are gone. Preferably find someone to come to your home and bird sit. Hopefully they will be someone that is familiar with birds and their needs.

Never leave a bird in a car unattended. The temperature can change rapidly inside a car enough to kill your bird.