Along with a proper diet, exercise is very important in keeping your parakeet happy and healthy. Even if you have a large cage, your parakeet will benefit from being out of it now and then. You should let your parakeet out of his cage at three times a week, but daily if possible. If you haven’t clipped your parakeet’s wings, be careful about letting him out of his cage. They are very fast flyers.

FLAX likes toys

His play time out of the cage should be for at least an hour a day. However, most birds love to come and go as they please. If you want to give your bird the run of the house or just one room, you might want to seriously consider clipping his wings so there will not be any unexpected escapes.

It’s very important that you close any open windows and doors, turn off ceiling fans and make sure there aren’t any open containers of water before free flight. Cover any windows or mirrors because your parakeet might think it’s just another area to fly into and injure himself.

Make sure you review the chapter on making your home safe for your parakeet before you let him loose indoors.