You should receive some documentation on your parakeet when you purchase him. These documents include:

Bill of Sale

Be sure to get a written bill of sale from your breeder or pet store stating the terms of the sale. Make sure you will be able to return the bird if a vet determines the bird was sick when you bought it. The sale should be contingent upon the examination of the bird by an avian veterinarian. Also be sure your bill of sale contains the following:

  • Date of purchase
  • Amount of purchase
  • Method of Payment
  • The bird’s band number
  • Hatch date of bird
  • Full description of the bird

Import Documentation

If the bird is imported, you need the proper documentation to support that fact. If you’re in the US, you may want to review the import guidelines that have been established by the US Department of Agriculture.

They can be found online here:

Care and Feeding Instructions

Have the breeder or pet store give you instructions on the proper care and feeding of your new parakeet such as what type of food he has been eating, his feeding schedule, how much to feed him, and general instructions for his care. Your breeder may also have additional information to give you that you will find helpful.

Birth/Hatch Certificate

Most breeders will give you a birth/hatch certificate, which will give you some good background information on the bird. This information will give you an idea of some of the genetic problems, if any, your bird may be prone to.

Health Certificates

Breeders and pet stores can provide you with a health certificate on your bird but it may not be worth much unless the bird was tested only a few days to a week before you buy him. Birds can easily contract a number of diseases in only a few days so be sure to take your parakeet to a vet for a checkup soon after you purchase him.

Health Guarantee

You will want to find out what kind of health guarantee your breeder provides and get it in writing. Ask if the breeder allows returns if something is wrong with the parakeet, and what the time limit is for those returns.

Pedigree Card

Some breeders will provide you with a pedigree card that will contain information such as the leg band code and information on the bird’s background.