Feather Plucking

Feather plucking can be a medical or behavioral problem. There are many reasons for your parakeet to pluck his feathers. It can be a sign of disease or allergy. It can be a reaction to a chemical. He could be bored, overly tired, scared or even sexually frustrated. Check with your vet to rule out medical causes such as infections, hypothyroidism, or another disease.

Finding out the reasons for your bird’s plucking will take some detective work. What has changed recently in his environment? Have you put in new carpet, started using a new type of candle, or burned a Teflon coated pan in the kitchen? Is your bird getting the proper nutrition?

Finding the cause of feather plucking can be very frustrating. If your parakeet’s feather plucking seems excessive, visit your vet immediately to rule out any medical reasons then start assessing his environment for possible causes.